Kia is giving us the slow drip treatment for its upcoming “Grand Utility Vehicle”. After the reveal of its exterior late last month, the Korean carmaker has now given us a first look at the interior of the upcoming Kia Grand Carnival.

Compared to the current-generation Kia Grand Carnival, the interior of the fourth-generation MPV is a world of difference. Starting from the very top, a large floating panel consisting of dual 12.3-inch displays sits atop the dashboard, making up the instrument cluster and infotainment display.

Air conditioning vents, joined by horizontal slats that runs across the entire width of the car, splits the dashboard into a two-stepped layout for a clean appearance – display panels on top, everything else below. The entire dashboard is also wrapped-around by a third layer on top that starts from the top shelf of the door panels, with black surrounds lower down to give it a three-dimensional look.

Touch-sensitive buttons with haptic feedback are used for the shortcut keys around the infotainment display, as well as the air-conditioning control panel below. Further down on the centre console, there is a rotary gear selector that seems to be plucked directly from the all-new Kia Sorento, along with the steering wheel.

Kia has confirmed that the fourth-generation Grand Carnival will retain its seven-, nine-, and 11-seater configurations from before. Thanks to the bigger dimensions (10 mm wider and 40 mm longer), along with the elongated wheelbase (+30 mm), occupant space in both three- and four-row configurations have been increased.

Specifically, Kia has also increased the rear overhang by 30 mm, giving the last row of passengers some increased comfort, as well as the best-in-class luggage space according to Kia.

On the seven-seater configuration, the all-new Grand Carnival will also come equipped with ‘captain’s chairs’ for the second-row occupants, promising “business-class” seating comfort for long journeys thanks to its adjustable backrests, armrests, as well as legrests.

The fourth-generation Kia Grand Carnival is due to go on sale in Korea “later in the third quarter of 2020”, followed by a staggered launch in other international market. But before that, expect more information to be released.

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