Kia has revealed the new 4th generation Carnival shortly after releasing a teaser, and boy is it stunning!

It’s dubbed the “Grand Utility Vehicle” and is designed with shorter front overhangs, with the A-pillars pushed backwards to create a longer front hood. Its increased wheelbase also means more space throughout the cabin, along with a sleeker side profile.

A character line that runs along the side emphasises the new Carnival’s sleekness, linking the slimmer front headlamps to the rear tail light bar.

The new Kia Carnival also features an “island roof”, designed with blacked-out A and B pillars. It also adopts a C-pillar design, inspired by the new Sorento.

Busy as it may appear, the “tiger face” of the new Kia Carnival is perhaps the most striking section of the MPV. That grille, which Kia describes as “symphonic architecture”, just begs for a second look and even closer inspections. Integrated into the striking grille are the high beam lamps projectors.

Check out what’s new in the 11-seater Kia Carnival here!

That’s all Kia has revealed about the new Carnival, which will go on sale late in the third quarter of 2020.

Locally, Kia Malaysia recently introduced the 11 seater Kia Carnival, priced at RM179,888. The sole variant can be adapted to be a six, seven or eight seater. It’s powered by a 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine paired to an 8-speed automatic, making 200 hp and 440 Nm.


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