Kia EV9 Concept previews a large three-row EV SUV with multi-mode interior

At the ongoing LA Auto Show 2021, Kia is previewing the EV9 Concept after successfully launching the EV6 fully electric crossover. The EV9 will be the second model in the brand’s dedicated EV line-up.

The Kia EV9 Concept is definitely a ‘big boy’, measuring close to 5 m long and over 2 m wide, key numbers that are also shared with the Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade, Mazda CX-9 as well as other US-only models such as Chevrolet Traverse and Ford Explorer.

Styled under the pillar of ‘Bold for Nature’ of the ‘Opposite united‘ design language, the large, rugged and upright stance Kia EV9 Concept doesn’t deviate from the two-box silhouette for maximum space in the three-row fully electric SUV.

The Kia EV6 could be coming to Malaysia, thanks to new distributor Bermaz Auto as well as government incentives. More here!

Up in front, the Kia’s iconic Tiger Face facade has been reinterpreted for the electric era featuring an intricate star cloud pattern that only appears when the vehicle is in use. The intricate pattern also influenced the signature lightings on the front and rear of the Kia EV9 Concept.

The hood meanwhile has motorsport-looking deep vents, but, Kia designers felt with such a huge real estate, they can use the space to house solar charging panels! Why not on the massive roof then? Well, the interior of the Kia EV9 Concept is imagined to be quite the living space for six, emphasising immersion with natural lighting.

The innovative D-pillar design also creates a unique Daylight Opening (DLO) operating in tandem with the panoramic sky roof to add to a sense of lightness, positive impact on wellness and mood and being in contact with the environment.

When parked, the Pause Mode modifies the interior space into a first-class lounge. The second-row seats fold flat and become a table, with the first row rotating 180 degrees and facing the third row. Vegan leather is also featured on the upholstery of the Kia EV9 Concept.

The Enjoy Mode in the Kia EV9 Concept meanwhile swivels the third-row seats to face the outside environment with the tailgate fully open. Occupants can just sit back and soak up the scenery in the comfort of the interior, all-electric without emissions.

Similar to the Kia EV6, the large Kia EV9 Concept will feature the E-GMP fully electric modular platform. The target driving range is modest at 480 kilometres, but charging times are expected to be shorter than the competitors’ thanks to a next-generation ultra-fast charging technology with a 350 kW power, requiring just 30 minutes to replenish the battery level to 80%.

The production model of the Kia EV9 Concept will be one of seven EVs the company plan to introduce by 2026.   



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