BMW Group Malaysia has annouced that they’ve delivered 11,016 vehicles across the BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad brands last year where 87% of which were locally-assembled. This has cumulated to a 52% market share in the premium automotive segment.

In 2020, BMW Group Malaysia introduced 25 new models across the BMW, MINI, and BMW Motorrad brands; four of which were electrified.

In that respect, the company delivered over 2,200 units of electrified vehicles last year; largely contributed by the 530e M Sport and 740Le. The BMW 5 Series comes in a close second with over 1,600 units delivered; of which over 900 units comprised of the electrified BMW 530e M Sport.

Other key contributors include the BMW X5 xDrive45e PHEV, the locally-assembled BMW 330e M Sport, as well as the all-electric MINI.

BMW Group Malaysia also recorded its highest Net Promoter Scoring index for customer satisfaction. The company achieved over 90% positive response from customers.

Specifically for the BMW brand in Malaysia, it recorded 8,903 new owners in 2020 – largely contributed by the sales of the G20 BMW 3 Series where over 2,500 units were delivered. Of the 2,500 units, over 1,400 units consisted of the 320i Sport we reviewed.

The X vehicle range on the other hand, contributed 39% of BMW’s new car deliveries last year, with over 3,200 units. Most of which were BMW X1 models, where over 1,000 units were sold last year alone. Last year saw the launch of the entry-level X1 sDrive18i.

Six new M models were introduced in Malaysia last year, including the M8 Gran Coupe, M8 Coupe, X4M Competition, and X3M Competition. 80 of them found new homes.

As for MINI Malaysia, the company recorded 987 deliveries last year, led by the MINI Countryman which contributed over 47% of total deliveries.

“For the first time ever, we are humbled to announce that our total deliveries were strongly led by our line-up of locally-assembled vehicles from the BMW and MINI brands in Malaysia – which accounted for over 87% of our total deliveries. Having surpassed the challenges presented in 2020, these figures inspire us to remain steadfast in our commitment towards furthering investments in the Malaysian automotive industry,” said BMW Group Malaysia, Managing Director, Harald Hoelzl.

BMW Group Malaysia’s local success reflects the brand’s global performance, with the Group recording over 2,300,000 units delivered worldwide; of which over 190,000 were electrified vehicles (EV) from the BMW and MINI brands. That represents an increase of over 30% in EV deliveries from the year before.

Last year also saw BMW Group Financial Services financing over 42% of BMW vehicles and 45% of MINI vehicles. With BMW Engage, one out of three applications were done online.

With BMW i-Renewal, in partnership with Allianz, 5% of owners purchased their vehicle insurance online, surpassing the current industry benchmark of 2%. With the restricted movement last year, BMW was also quick to activate its online initiatives with BMW Shop Online and the MINI eShop.