Toyota Corolla Cross, Hilux, Fortuner price increased – up to RM5k

UMW Toyota Motor has updated the prices of the Corolla Cross, Fortuner and Hilux after recently revealing the new prices of the Corolla Altis and Camry. The Corolla Altis 1.8E is now priced at RM134,888 while the 1.8G is priced at RM145,888, representing a RM4,000 increase from before. The Camry on the other hand is now priced at RM219,800, an increase of RM10,000 from before.

As for the Corolla Cross, the 1.8G now costs RM130,400 (up RM2,097), the 1.8V at RM137,400 (up RM2,971) and the Corolla Cross Hybrid at RM140,000 (up RM2,009).

Prices have also gone up for the Fortuner with the 2.4 AT (diesel) now priced at RM184,880, the 2.7 SRZ AT (petrol) at RM191,880 and the 2.8 VRZ (diesel) at RM225,880. Prices for all three models have been increased by RM5,000.

Four variants of the Hilux range have seen a RM3,000 increase and this includes the 2.4 Single Cab MT now priced at RM98,880, the 2.4E AT priced at RM114,880, 2.4V AT priced at RM139,880 and the 2.8 Rogue AT priced at RM152,880. As for the 2.4E MT, it’s now costs RM2,000 more at RM112,880.

Prices for models such as the Veloz, Yaris, Vios and Innova remains unchanged from before.



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