Video: How does the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid save you fuel?

Launched in January this year, the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is an interesting proposition if you’re shopping for an SUV. Sure, the Corolla Cross Hybrid’s interior may be a little bit dull compared to its peers, but its hybrid powertrain does help you to save on fuel.

It is not a plug-in hybrid, hence there are no charging sockets on the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid. Under the hood is a naturally aspirated 1.8-litre engine that produces a maximum of 98 hp and 142 Nm. The electric motor produces 53 hp and 163 Nm. Combined, the hybrid system produces a maximum power output of 122 hp and all power is sent to the front wheels. As for how the hybrid system works harmoniously to save fuel, allow Eu Jin to explain the video.

In a media drive earlier this year, we managed to obtain 7.3 l/100 km on a road trip to Penang. The hybrid version of the Corolla Cross has a fuel tank that is 10 litres smaller than its non-hybrid counterpart. But with its fuel consumption figures, the smaller tank isn’t much of a big deal. Supplying electricity to the electric motor is a 6.5-Ah nickel-metal hydride battery that is placed under the rear seats.

On the centre console of the Corolla Cross Hybrid is an “EV mode” button that switches the car to a pure electric drivetrain. The small 6.5-Ah battery allows for about 2 km of pure electric driving, which is decent for that last mile when you reach home or the office. Other drive modes include “Sport”, “Eco”, and “Normal”.

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Differentiating the Corolla Cross Hybrid from the non-hybrid version are the headlamps with blue accents and the Toyota emblems with blue accents as well. All the blue accents hint at the Corolla Cross’s ability to save on fuel. The rest of the car is identical to the non-hybrid version of the Corolla Cross.

Priced from RM139,991 with SST included, the Toyota Corolla Cross comes with a five-year/unlimited mileage warranty. Also included in the price is an eight-year “hybrid electric warranty” that covers the hybrid battery, the inverter, and power management control ECU.

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