Lynk & Co celebrates five years of achievement with the 09 flagship SUV

By now, we would already have been pretty familiar with Lynk & Co’s product offerings even though they are heavily focused in China and just started business in Europe.

The brand backed by Zhejiang Geely Holdings, which also owns a 49.9% stake in Proton, has just launched the latest Lynk & Co 09 model to celebrate five successful years of brand operation.

Originally planned as a premium brand positioned between Geely Auto and Volvo Cars back in 2016, Lynk & Co currently offers the 01 Compact SUV, the 02 and 05 Coupe-SUVs plus the 06 City SUV, with only the 01 available in both China and Europe. Non-SUV models are the 02 Hatchback and the 03 Sedan.

Connectivity is the key attractor to the Lynk & Co brand, where users have access to actively connected technologies in the vehicles. In just five years, Lynk & Co has accumulated nearly 600,000 vehicle users, with app registrations reaching an even higher number of 1.57 million. Average active monthly users on the app exceed half a million whilst average daily users have reached 120,000.

All Lynk & Co models share the same CMA platform as Volvo Cars as well as Geely’s BMA platform, but the latest Lynk & Co 09 Flagship SUV goes upscale by using the SPA platform that underpins the current generation Volvo XC90.   

The Lynk & Co Zero Concept is now being produced as the Zeekr 001 in an intelligent plant. Find out more here!

The flagship SUV for the brand will offer a choice of six or seven seats across two choices of petrol engines. Similar to the Volvo XC90 T5, the Lynk & Co 09 starts off at CNY265,900 (approx. RM173k) with a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine delivering 254 hp and 350 Nm of torque to the front wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission and mild hybrid assistance.

Called the Lynk & Co 09 Ultra, this variant that can be had with either six or seven seats. It features the plug-in hybrid powertrain that also serves the Volvo XC90 Recharge, dishing out a combined system output of 431 hp and 659 Nm of torque, will all-electric range up to 80 km thanks to a massive 18.83 kWh battery pack.

Latest Lynk & Co 01 awarded one of the gold standards in global automotive recognitions- Euro NCAP 5-star rating. Learn more about it here!

Key features in the Lynk & C0 09 include a full suite of ADAS, matrix LED headlamps, in-car PM2.5 air filtration and purification device, massaging and ventilated seats, infotainment system with over-the-air (OTA) update capabilities and 12-speaker Bose premium audio system.

Fully adaptive air suspension and 20-inch wheels are cost-up options even for the range-topping Ultra variant, which is already priced at a relatively high CNY370,900 (approx. RM240k).

The company also announced that it is expanding into the Gulf region within this quarter and will begin Asian market expansion, perhaps together with Renault Samsung Motors as reported earlier.



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