Meet Geely’s new hipster SUV, the Lynk & Co 01

There’s a new Chinese player in the automotive world who goes by the name of Lynk & Co. Developed by Chinese carmaker Geely (together with its Swedish subsidiary Volvo), the marque unveiled their first product, the Lynk & Co 01 SUV.

To us, the brand name suits a fashion company better, but the new carmaker is banking on the “modern and youthful” theme which will also incorporate the latest connectivity technologies. 2017-lynk-co-01-11

Designed in-house by Volvo’s former design chief Peter Horbury, the 01 is infused with design touches from the European and Chinese perspective. Its footprint is about the size of a Nissan X-Trail, and the longer wheelbase will surely swing Chinese buyers over.

The front sports a full-width grille, though when viewed at certain angles reveal a slight similarity to a Porsche. The funky theme applies to the rest of the car, as seen with the orange accents and radical taillights.

The 01 clearly benefits from the latest technology from Volvo and Geely, including the CMA platform that will underpin the upcoming Volvo XC40. It’s likely to receive Volvo’s family of 2.0-litre four-cylinder and 1.5-litre three-pot engines as well, with a plug-in hybrid version among the cards. Transmission options include the usual six-speed manual and seven-speed dual clutch automatic.2017-lynk-co-01-5

When it comes to quirkiness, the 01 has a few tricks under its sleeves. Lynk & Co is not offering standard or premium trims to the 01. Instead, it allows customers to customise a variety of accessories based on fixed-priced equipment collections.

This Internet-ready car has a share button that allows users to control, share and monitor the car via a smartphone or the centre console. The car incorporates an open source concept, allowing third parties to customise its open API (application programming interface) to create a new automotive experience.2017-lynk-co-01-1

So here it is, a cool and high tech SUV powered by Volvo’s latest powertrains. Most importantly, it comes from a Chinese manufacturer whose name isn’t all that awkward. Or is it? Let us know what you think!





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