The new Rocket Bunny kit for the Toyota GR86 is exactly what the car deserves

There’s no shortage of Toyota 86 body kits out there, and it’s probably even rarer to find a completely untouched car on the streets. But out of the sea of stuff out there, the Rocket Bunny one always felt the most “at home” on the Hachiroku – don’t ask us why, it just is.

Now that Toyota has unveiled the all-new GR 86, Japanese aftermarket tuners Tra-Kyoto has once again flexed their design muscles with a brand-new kit for the second-generation Toyo-baru twins – and if you’ve ever seen a Rocket Bunny body kit, you already know what to expect.

As usual, the Rocket Bunny kit for the GR 86 is of their usual wide-body aesthetic, featuring massively-flared wheel arches (with exposed bolts) for both front and rear axles, paired with lowered suspensions and bigger, cambered wheels.

On top of that, there’s also a whole lot of additional appendages all around the car, such as the “supporting” struts for the front splitters, additional elements from the fenders that extend into the side skirts, and a new fixed wing at the back that sits on top of the existing ducktail spoiler on the boot lid. All fundamental Rocket Bunny touches.

Is the Rocket Bunny just a little too much for you? Then maybe check out Toyota GR’s own kit that’s comparitively a lot more laid back.

The bumpers – both front and rear – also received a major rework. Up front, the grille is replaced by a large cutout that serves as the intake for the car’s intercoolers, while the regular air intake box is relegated to a letterbox-style slit just in front of the bonnet.

Flanking the new “grille” are the aggressive canards that further adds on to the aggression of the kit, while at the back, there’s a new diffuser slat that extends all the way from the rear fenders, underlying the exhaust tips of the car.

GReddy and HKS have also both unveiled their modifications for the Toyota GR 86! Check them out here.

It’s divisive, sure, but it’s also exactly what Rocket Bunny is all about. You don’t have to like it, but it’s exactly what the Toyota GR 86 deserved.

[Source: Rocket Bunny Tra-kyoto/Facebook]



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