The Toyota Supra might actually get a manual transmission

There’s no denying that we like the A90 Toyota Supra a lot – we even featured it in our #ABC2019 Best (Driver’s) Cars of 2019 line-up. We didn’t mind the eight-speed automatic gearbox in the Supra too much, but with that being said, there’s still always been this niggling voice at the back of our minds wondering just what the Supra would be like with a manual transmission.

Well, it seems like we might not have to wonder for too much longer. According to Japanese automotive magazine Mag X, the reincarnated Toyota Supra will soon be getting an honest-to-god manual gearbox, as part of its annual upgrade cycle to keep buyers interested in the model – see this year’s power upgrades.

According to the source, Toyota has been deliberating on the three-pedalled Supra ever since its debut last year, but it’s the incessant requests from fans that finally made the development team at Toyota change their minds. If it turns out to be true, the #SavetheManuals movement definitely made a difference here!

Unfortunately, there are no details as of yet on when the manual Supra might arrive. Though, seeing that the Supra was just recently updated with the uprated inline-six engine, we might have to wait upwards of a year for its introduction. As they say, good things come to those who wait, right?

If Toyota managed to convince BMW to let them use the Competition-spec tune, the Supra could see an engine output of up to 510 hp!

Alongside the row-your-own-gear Supra, Mag X claims that Toyota is also plotting for a more hardcore high-performance variant of the A90 Supra, dubbed the Supra GRMN, with the latest rumours suggesting that it might even get the twin-turbocharged inline-six engine from the upcoming BMW M3 and M4.

The new powertrain will most likely be paired to a dual-clutch transmission to make full use of the extra performance, but given that the upcoming M cars will feature a manual transmission right out of the gate (on the standard variant), we can’t help but wonder if the Supra might inherit this powertrain combination too.

Either way, it seems like an interesting couple of years ahead for the Toyota Supra. And if the rumours turn out to be accurate, we can’t wait to put the manual-transmission Supra to its paces to satisfy the little voices in our heads!

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