Tyres are one of the most important bit of safety kit on our cars. But aside from providing grip, we often forget how much the tyres actually help with the overall ride quality, since we don’t usually get to see them deforming under load… until we see them from the inside.

Thanks to the aptly-named YouTube channel Warped Perception, we now get to see the rubbers working from a perspective that was almost never seen – or even thought of – thanks to a Go-Pro camera mounted inside the low-profile tyres of a W211 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG.

It’s surprising to see how much the rubbers flex when it comes in contact with the road, even when it is filled to a proper tyre pressure of 35 PSI. And for the most part of the video, the car was just rolling down the street gingerly. Can you imagine how much stress your tyres are withstanding when you’re driving on the highway at the national speed limit?

It’s also interesting to note how the tyres deform differently when driving in reverse – an effect that can probably be attributed to the toe set-up of the car. For the brief few seconds before the camera inside gets knocked away by the warped tyres (around the 6:30 mark), we also get to see how much the tyre walls really flex when we turn the car into a corner.

The amount of engineering work put into the development of tyres is mind boggling, and these are not even the things that the marketing department can put on the advertisement copy. So the next time you hear someone complaining about how expensive tyres are, show them this video and see if they change their minds!

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