#ABC2019: AutoBuzz.my Best (Driver’s) Cars of 2019

Millions worth of supercars, thousands of horsepower on tap, and an air strip under a clear blue sky, everything just fell into place for yet another one of our long-standing annual traditions, the AutoBuzz.my Best (Driver’s) Cars of 2019.

It’s no easy feat to top our previous videos but yet again, this ensemble we’ve put together for your viewing pleasure was nothing short of spectacular.

From German thoroughbreds of pure muscle, finesse and excitement, to multi-million Ringgit chariots for the playboys (and girls), we really had the heat turned up on us this year.

These cars could not be any more different from each other yet they all share a singular purpose for their existence – to satisfy our boundless and insatiable desire for speed and performance.

We hope you enjoy this little Christmas gift of sorts from us and that you’d enjoy watching it as much as we did making it. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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