Nismo-Nissan promises rapid product expansion, but just what will we get?

Nismo, otherwise known as Nissan Motorsports, is the BMW M equivalent for Nissan. It has recently been rebranded to Nismo Cars Business Department and will be a subset of Nissan Autech division.

What does this mean? More Nismo cars globally, basically. Currently, Nismo sells over 15,000 specially commissioned cars a year, ranging from the GT-R, Fairlady Z, Juke, Note, Sentra (Sylphy in Malaysia) and the Patrol. Usually, Nismo takes regular road-going cars and slaps on sportier bodykits and slight performance upgrades.

Interestingly, such efforts have already begun back home with Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) now offering Nismo kits to the Almera and Teana models. The kit, which are all optional, come with red-accented bodykits, Nismo rims, stiffer coils and sportier exhaust system. But is this all the Nismo we will be getting? Only time will tell.


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