Nissan GT-R facelift surgically enhanced, gets luxurious interior!

The Nissan GT-R is close to a decade old and although its successor has yet to be seen, potential customers will have to settle for another update, at least for now. Just unveiled in New York, the Godzilla sports a new look both inside and out, including a slight bump in performance as well.

So, what’s new with the facelifted GT-R? In the aesthetics department, the front receives the new ‘V-Motion’ grille, keeping in line with the Nissan’s current range of products. The front bumper also sports a larger front intake and a shorter daytime running lights, with a new lower lip spoiler completing the package. The bonnet also receives a redesign that improves high-speed stability.2016-Nissan-GTR-5

At the back, the GT-R’s signature quad rear lights and quad exhaust notes are retained, which comes together with a reprofiled rear bumper. The GT-R also sits on updated alloy rims via the 20-inch ‘Y-spoke’ design, and a bright and striking multi-layered ‘Katzura’ orange colour paint option.

The cabin is a step up from before. Here, it benefits from more liberal use of premium leather, new 8-inch touchscreen head unit, redesigned steering wheel with paddle shifters built onto the wheel as opposed to its predecessor which had them built fixed into the column.2016-Nissan-GTR-3

It’s the same old engine powering this beast – a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 that is tweaked to give 20 horses more, bringing up the final output to 562 hp and 638 Nm of torque. This is achieved through improved individual ignition timing and more boost from the turbochargers, including an all-new titanium exhaust. The GT-R’s dual-clutch gearbox is also more refined for less noise and smoother shifts.

The GT-R’s handling and agility is also said to be enhanced through its stiffer body shell and new set of suspension. With the added power and improved aerodynamics, the updated GT-R reinforces Nissan’s commitment in the high performance car segment.

Currently, there’s no price tag put in place, but word is that Nissan is working hard to develop a hybrid GT-R as the successor to the R35. We could possibly be looking at the last generation GT-R that runs on pure internal combustion engine before the next one comes along. How does an electrified Godzilla sound to you?



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