GALLERY: 2015 Nissan Almera Facelift complete with Nismo Performance Package

Following Nissan’s recent announcement of the Nissan Almera facelift’s arrival, we paid a visit to a Nissan dealer earlier today and saw the very car in the metal, dressed up with the RM14,000 Nismo Performance Package – a kit that made its world debut here in the Malaysian market. Speaks volume about our market’s significance, no?

2015 Nissan Almera Facelift (4)_


You must be asking, what do you get if you pay RM14,000 for the Nismo Performance Package? Well, quite a fair bit, actually. You don’t just get the all-around bodykit, no. The Nismo designed 16-inch alloy wheels come with it, wrapped with 205/50R16 series Continental Max Contact MC5 tyres. This kit also gives you Nismo’s performance suspension system, Nismo exhaust muffler and special edition floor mats, red wing mirrors and aero boot lid.

2015 Nissan Almera Facelift (19)


If you don’t need Nismo’s suspension system and the exhaust tip, you can opt for the less expensive Nismo Aero Pack that gives you the exact bodykit, minus the red wing mirrors, aero boot lid, floor mats and the said suspension and exhaust tip. This pack will set you back at RM9,000.

The Nissan Almera facelift is priced from RM66,900 for the base 1.5E model, up to RM79,900 for the range topping VL model. Prices are OTR with insurance, and excludes any of the mentioned Nismo packages. It does however, come with a three-year or 100,000 km warranty programme, whichever occurs first.

Almera Rear

You can also catch the Nissan Almera facelift and other Nissan models at their ongoing nationwide roadshow (refer to the table below). Meanwhile, enjoy the gallery of the Almera facelift with Nismo Performance Package we’ve put together for you!

6 January – 11 JanuaryCentral1 Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya
8 January – 11 JanuaryNorthernVillage Mall, Alor Setar
9 January – 11 JanuaryEast Malaysia (Sabah)Giant, Tawau
14 January – 18 JanuaryCentralAlamanda Shopping Centre, Putrajaya
15 January – 18 JanuaryNorthernQueensbay Mall, Penang
16 January – 18 JanuaryEast Malaysia (Sabah)Center Point, Kota Kinabalu
18 January – 24 JanuaryEasternTesco Kota Bharu
23 January – 25 JanuaryEast Malaysia (Sarawak)StarMegamall, Sibu
30 January – 1 FebruaryCentralParadigm Mall, Petaling Jaya
30 January – 1 FebruaryEast Malaysia (Sarawak)Imperial City Mall, Miri





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