All-new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado to debut August 2, featuring J60-inspired looks

Toyota is premiering the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado on August 2, at 10:00 AM JST (9:00 AM MYT). Like in the past two generations of the Land Cruiser Prado, it should feature designs and mechanical features similar to the third-generation Lexus GX. However, the Land Cruiser Prado has been around since 1990, 12 years before the Lexus GX was born.

The new luxury will be simply known as the Land Cruiser in North America, but for the rest of the world, it will continue to carry on with the Land Cruiser Prado nameplate. The reason for the difference in naming is due to the North American market not getting the J300 Land Cruiser, which position is filled by the J310 Lexus LX instead. However, the North American market still gets the third-generation Lexus GX.

Just a couple of days ago, Toyota released teaser images for the upcoming Land Cruiser Prado, showing its front fascia that looks to be inspired by the J60 Land Cruiser. Being an offroad capable vehicle, it also features rugged bits on its grille, as well as its front bumper. To complete the retro-inspired look, it even wears the ‘TOYOTA’ inscription at the front, just like the older Toyota models, as well as the FJ Cruiser.

The teaser images also show the forthcoming luxury SUV featuring an overall boxy shape, once again paying tribute to the J60 Land Cruiser’s design. Its mechanical sibling – the Lexus GX also came with a similar exterior design theme, therefore it won’t be surprising for Toyota designers to have done the same to the upcoming Land Cruiser Prado.

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Now that the company has announced the launch date of the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, we get to see a glimpse of the all-new Land Cruiser Prado’s rear design through the launch event’s YouTube livestream thumbnail. As expected, the boxy design at its front and sides continue at the back, which features a rear light design with blocky elements.

The side-view mirror seems to be vertical-oriented, similar to the one on the J60 Land Cruiser. However, Toyota hasn’t shown the entirety of the side-view mirror just yet, therefore there is still a chance that the Land Cruiser Prado will come with the squarish design found on the GX instead.

Underpinning the all-new Land Cruiser Prado is most likely to be the body-on-frame GA-F version of the Toyota New Global Architecture (GA-F) platform. The same platform can also be found on the J300 Land Cruiser and Lexus LX, as well as its mechanical sibling – the Lexus GX.

What will be powering the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is not known just yet. But it could, just like in the past, feature a similar powertrain as the Lexus GX, which in this case is the 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 petrol engine.

What do you think about the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado? Are you excited for its launch? Let us know in the comments!

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