Video: AC & DC Charging – Which one to charge your EV?

If you’re considering buying an electric vehicle (EV) for yourself, you must know the basics of EV charging first. And when it comes to charging your EV, you may have heard of such things as AC charging and DC charging. You may have also heard of Type 2 connections and CHAdeMO connections, but what do they all mean? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

If knowing the basics of fuel was important when it came to owning an internal combustion engine car (octane ratings, additives, diesel, and gasoline), knowing the basics of electricity is important for your EV ownership. If you’ve been driving a Plug-in hybrid (PHEV), you may have had the introduction to vehicle charging, but owning a fully electric vehicle means you will be fully dependent on charging as you aren’t able to refuel the conventional way. There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to EV charging, so allow us to explain all of this in a simple video.

To put it simply, AC charging is the ‘slow’ charging method while DC charging is generally the faster charging method. Each comes with their own pros and cons – AC charging is better for your battery’s health while DC charging is great for when you’re going on long road trips. There are various charge point operators, and one of them with a comprehensive network of chargers is Gentari.

It is also important to understand what type of charging your EV is capable of. Charging an EV that is only capable of 80-kW DC charging at a 350-kW DC charger will not be worth your money. You’re better off charging at 180-kW bays or 90-kW bays instead. The same applies for AC charging, so make sure to watch our video to understand this.

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Gentari has a network of 160 EV chargers nationwide (as of July 2023) and this network can be accessed via the Setel and JomCharge mobile applications. Gentari was established in mid-2022 and in less than a year, its charging network has covered several states in Malaysia.

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