As of the 16th of August 2021, the government has allowed some sectors of the economy to resume operations. In case you’re unaware, car dealerships, car washes, and car accessory shops are now allowed to operate, on condition.

With that, UMW Toyota and Lexus have also resumed business and this includes their manufacturing and sales, and service operations.

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“We welcome the easing of the restrictions which have posed a challenge to our business over the past two months. Resuming our business activities, especially at Toyota and  Lexus retail outlets, will enable a return to some form of normalcy so we can do our part to help in the economic recovery of the country,” said UMW Toyota Motor, President, Ravindran K.

Ravindran added that the company understands the seriousness of preventing the spread of COVID-19 and will follow all the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), conditions and guidelines provided by the Health Ministry and the National Security Council. The SOPs will also be implemented throughout the company and be strictly followed to ensure the safety of the public as well as its employees. 

“In fact, after the MCO last year, we already implemented many of the SOPs at our showrooms and service centres, and these have been maintained even until now. They include temperature scanning, registration with MySejahtera, use of hand sanitisers and facemasks, and regular sanitisation of premises,” he said. 

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“We assure our customers that we have made sure that our premises have a safe environment for them to visit,” Ravindran added.

For now, customers are encouraged to make service appointments in advance. Contactless payments are preferred and social distancing is to be observed at all times. 

As for the manufacturing part of the business, Ravindran said that resuming operations will allow the company to start fulfilling the backlog of orders that have built up.

Ravindran is also expecting quick bounce-back as the order books have been encouraging, despite less than encouraging sales figures in June and July.

“Now that the restrictions are lifted, we have more certainty as there are many important plans  in the pipeline. For example, we have been preparing for the local assembly of Toyota Hybrid  Electric Vehicles and while the past two months have disrupted planning, we will now proceed as  quickly as possible to make up for the time lost,” said Akio Takeyama, Deputy Chairman of UMW  Toyota Motor. 

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