Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series gets “kidnapped” by YouTuber

If there was a name that could strike fear more effectively than AMG, it would be the Black Series. Historically, Black Series Mercedes’ have been known to be raw and highly potent so the new AMG GT Black Series shouldn’t be any different.

Take the W204 Mercedes-AMG C63 Black Series for example. It had a sinister appearance, full bucket seats and a whole lot power so expectations will be high for the AMG GT Black but we’ll have to wait a little while more to find out.

For most of you who aren’t obsessed with automotive content on YouTube, the man in the video is from the Shmee150 channel – known for its content all on things supercars. Not the most suited character to play the role of a car jacker but hey, who are we to say.

It’s obvious how different the Black Series looks on the outside compared to the AMG GT R. For starters it gets a wing so large it wouldn’t look out of place on a fighter jet, a more aggressive front bumper with a much larger Panamericana grille and rear bumpers with more prominent diffuser.

Unlike the centre exit exhaust in the GT R, Mercedes-Benz has opted for quad tail pipes for the AMG GT Black Series. On the inside, it appears that the Black Series would come with full bucket seats and a half roll cage, like the AMG GT R.

With the later making 585 hp and 700 Nm from a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, we’re expecting much more from this – can’t wait!


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