McDonald’s has been the culprit of long queues and traffic congestion on several occasions over the years every time there is an interesting giveaway with their standard or Happy Meals.

There was the Minion episode that often caused the long queue of cars to spill out of the drive-through and onto the road and there was the Hello Kitty mania before that; even the Coca-Cola cups in various glass forms caused a bit of stir.

But most times, it’s the kids dragging the adults into the (of late) not-so fast food joint. This time around, the adults would be the ones dragging their kids to McDonald’s so they wouldn’t look out of place or feel embarrassed getting a Happy Meal just to score the this toy.

It’s a red Toyota GR Supra made by Tomica and and it’ll only be available in the Happy Meals of Japan (actually, it’s called Happy Set over there) beginning 1st of May.

In fact, it’s such a big deal that the two juggernauts of their own industry, Toyota and McDonald’s, have collaborated to produce a video where two heavily modified Supras, one driven by drifting extraordinaire Daigo Saito, performed tandem drifts and donuts around a Big Mac.

The video not only serves to announce the giveaway but is actually also a trailer for the “Drive Through Special Movie” – a special drift entertainment according to Toyota – which will be released in seven days on the 28th of April 1989.

If you’re unaware, the Toyota Supra is available in Malaysia and can be viewed exclusively at five GR Garage locations around Malaysia. Having had the car for about a week, aside from producing a review video, we even strapped it on to a dyno just to find out if the Supra made more power than its brochure indicated. This was because the BMW engine that powers it has been notorious for making more power than its official figures. You’d be surprised with the outcome.

The Supra in Refraction Blue, an all-new colour exclusively for the updated 2021 model.

You’d also be suprised at the outcome of the drag race above – between the BMW M2 Competition and the Supra. When we first got to sample the sheer performance of the Supra on an airstrip during its launch, the car was quick to display its relentless acceleration but we certainly didn’t think that it could cause the M2 Competition any problems.

The Supra, also offered with a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, was recently updated with more power, upgraded engine components, a stiffer chassis and a new suspension setup. In announcing the arrival of the 2021 model Supra, Toyota also introduced an all-new colour exclusively for the cult-status sportscar. Here’s a feature on the journey of the Supra to the sports car hall of fame.

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