Our brief stint with the A90 Toyota Supra during the media launch left us genuinely surprised at its pulling power from the 3.0-litre BMW-sourced engine.

It seems like we weren’t the only ones who think so too, as rumours of the Supra making more than the 335 hp that Toyota advertises have been circulating around the internet ever since the global launch.

Since we managed to get our hands on the all new Toyota Supra, we decided to put it to the test once and for all – how much power does the A90 Toyota Supra actually make?

The results? Our media loaner Toyota Supra makes 332 hp and 490 Nm of torque at the rear wheels. Curiously, Toyota seems to have taken the at-the-wheels value and plonked it straight into their spec sheet.

Taking into account the 10% or so drivetrain power loss, our results suggest that the all-new Supra actually does closer to 370 hp and 545 Nm of torque on crank. Not too shabby, and definitely more reflective of what we’ve experienced so far.

So why did Toyota use the 335 hp figure instead of the higher (and more marketable) values? It’s possible that due to different emission standards globally, Toyota decided to just use one minimum value instead of specifying a different one in every country.

Well, we may never know Toyota’s reasoning, but now we can say with certainty that the A90 Toyota Supra makes more power than actually advertised. And yes, you’re welcome.