Just a fortnight after showing off the Lamborghini-tagged face masks, an item that undeniably affirms the company’s superiority over all things on four wheels and ability to make items of abject desire, even in these chaotic times, the Bologna-based supercar maker is now on to bigger things.

They may have released a clothing line in collaboration with Supreme that makes you question their fashion sense but the company that brought us the fastest SUV in the world is now lending a hand to help co-engineer and produce breathing simulators – a sort of fake lung – with Italy’s top ventilator manufacturer Siare Engineering International Group.

The breathing simulator enables a researcher to carry out initial evaluations of the ventilator’s performance before reaching the final checking stage. In just two weeks, Lamborghini has used its 3D printing laboratory to design, produce and validate the simulator and plans to make 18 simulators per week, alongside the 3D-printed production of medical visors using polycarbonate.

As Covid-19 ravaged the entire nation, Lamborghini has pledged to produce 1,000 face masks and 200 units of medical visors per day. Once completed, these equipment would be tested and validated by the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences, prior to their delivery to hospital.

As a sign of unity and support for the people of Italy, every evening Lamborghini lights up the historic headquarter buildings in Sant’Agata Bolognese, with the colors of the Italian flag.

Italy’s supercar makers have been at the very front lines in the combat against Covid-19, with Ferrari also rolling up their sleeves to build ventilators and produce components to construct these life-saving devices.

In other efforts, BMW reportedly obliged with Dubai’s police force requests to use their ConnectedDrive services to broadcast “Stay At Home” messages on the infotainment display of their customer’s vehicles. On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen utilised their 3D printers to produce protective equipment for healthcare workers.


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