After halting production on its majestic horses at the Maranello factory, Ferrari and parent company Fiat Chrysler are now switching their attention to the people of Italy by helping the country’s largest ventilator manufacturer boost its production, according to Petrolicious.

Reports claimed that Siare Engineering, a Bologna based company specialising in health monitors and ventilation devices, is now in talks with the automotive giants and Italian parts maker, Marelli, to produce parts and assist with assembly.

If the companies can shake on it, it could see Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler lending a hand at Siare Engineering’s facilities or that production of ventilators taking place in Maranello. Talk about coming together for the greater good, this is truly touching.

Specific arrangements have yet to be confirmed but Petrolicious speculates that the latter option would be more viable given the inactivity at Maranello as Ferrari’s Formula 1 team is also on hiatus.

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Pan Eu Jin
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