Tacky. Whether it’s apparels or other merchandises, Supreme has been known for their somewhat outlandish designs but how did Lamborghini agree to have their badge so largely displayed across the entire back of a varsity jacket for example, is beyond us.

And would you just look at the black button-up shirt with bulls in the centre and both sleeves. Did Lamborghini actually looked at the proposed designs, take at step back and decided, “Let’s do this!”?

We certainly hope not.

This is a supercar maker that upholds a high level of style and is the very epitome of cool – just look at the masks they made for the Covid-19 frontliners in Italy – but that button-up shirt just doesn’t reflect that. Granted it’s a subjective matter – the likely opinion of those under 25 years old with questionable dress codes – but we’d bet the brand’s esteemed customers wouldn’t be jumping on it out of sheer desire like the world has, with toilet rolls.

And lime green overalls? With a massive Lamborghini badge on the back? I didn’t know Lamborghini owners needed overalls to check their tyre pressure.

Supreme was probably just being themselves, simply slapping their name on a plain jane item followed by a ridiculous price tag and let the new generation fight over its exclusivity but we expected more from Lamborghini.

“Lamborghini recognises a spirit and dynamism in Supreme that resonates with its own brand. This collection combines the essence of Lamborghini super sports design and performance with iconic street wear,” said Automobili Lamborghini, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Katia Bassi.

Nope, we respectfully disagree, Ms. Bassi.