Volkswagen Group explores production of 3D-printed ventilators in fight against COVID-19

The 3D printer is probably one of the most important inventions in recent times. Amid the coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the world now, the 3D printer might just prove its significance once again.

According to a report by Deutsche Welle, Volkswagen Group has released a statement announcing its plan to set up a task force looking into using their 3D printers for the production of hospital ventilators.

The announcement comes after governments around the world sought to enlist carmakers including Ford, General Motors, and even Ferrari, to assist in the production of health and medical equipment in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Wolfsburg-based carmaker has 125 industrial 3D printers, and is currently working closely with various government departments and authorities to assess the requirements, according to a VW spokesperson.

“Medical equipment is a new field for us. But as soon as we understand the requirements, and receive a blueprint, we can get started,” Volkswagen said.

Workers have been sent home as VW plants across the globe are shutdown.

Volkswagen has shutdown its production facilities across the globe last week in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus.

Separately, the German carmaker has also pledged to donate approximately 200,000 protective face masks to support the health workers in the country. Volkswagen will also supply the city of Wolfsburg with additional medical material.


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