RM20k too much? 2022 Toyota Veloz bookings already at 5,200 units ahead of launch

Despite its higher price tag, with an estimated retail price of RM95,000, it seems that the Toyota Veloz is still enjoying strong demand here in Malaysia, with booking numbers now standing at 5,200 units ahead of the model’s official debut, which will happen “very soon”.

In a press statement announcing its August sales performance, UMW Toyota Motor President Ravindran K said, “The team at UMW Toyota Motor is extremely grateful for the strong support, and we are working around the clock to intensify production to ensure delivery to new car owners.

“The introduction of the Toyota Veloz will be a significant moment for us, and we are confident it will be popular among Malaysians with its value for money premium offerings, advanced features and of course, the renowned Toyota quality and reliability.”

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The Toyota Veloz, as you may already know, is a sister car to the all-new Perodua Alza, the latter already amassing over 51,000 bookings as of the end of August – of which 7,682 units have already been delivered. With both of these seven-seater MPVs being built at the same Perodua facility at Sg. Choh, it really does feel like the “younger sibling” overshadowing its elder brother.

But with all that being said, 5,200 bookings is still nothing to scoff at, especially considering the much lower starting price point of the Alza at RM62,500. So what do you get with the RM20,000 price premium over the range-topping Alza? Well, quite a lot, actually.

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The most obvious difference is of course the looks – the Toyota Veloz will get a model-specific design with unique front and rear fascias, along with a 30 mm taller ride height (190 mm versus the Alza’s 160 mm), thanks to the larger 17-inch wheels and a different suspension set-up.

The Toyota Veloz in Malaysia will also be the “premium” option that’ll receive a handful of more creature comfort additions, including leather seats, telescopic steering wheel adjustment, wireless Apple CarPlay, Qi wireless charging pad, LED ambient lighting, as well as a two-tone exterior paint job.

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You could also argue about the aftersales service quality and availability, and also the difference in hire-purchase interest rates between Toyota and Perodua, but we won’t go into that today. It’s fair to say, however, that you’ll be getting more than just a Toyota badge for the premium you’ll be paying for the Veloz.


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