Daihatsu Ayla EV concept unveiled – Electric Perodua Axia in the making?

Daihatsu Indonesia has unveiled the Daihatsu Ayla EV concept at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2022 (GIIAS 2022), which is basically an EV version of our beloved Perodua Axia. The concept explores the possibility of a budget EV for the South East Asian market – something that could possibly boost EV adoption in the region.

Looks-wise, you can still see the Axia/Ayla chassis that underpins the Ayla EV concept. As with most EVs, the front bumper lacks the “breathing holes” that an usual petrol car would have. Besides the two-tone colour treatment, a yellow tinge can also be seen on the exterior, helping the car pop out a bit more.

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Side view canmers on the Daihatsu Ayla EV concept

Looking a bit out of place on the Ayla EV concept are the side cameras that are hooked up to retrofitted screens on the inside. Shoddy fitment aside, the cameras could be a sign of things to come for budget cars.

The original dash of the Ayla/Axia is only slightly adjusted for the Ayla EV. Notice where the steering wheel is taken from?

The familiar design of the Ayla/Axia is retained on the inside of the Ayla EV. Things to note inside are the steering wheel from the Ativa/Rocky/Raize trio, the digital instrument cluster, the centre honeycomb AC vent, and the rotary gear selector. Interestingly, the Ayla EV concept is not equipped with Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) as it still features the good ol’ handbrake lever.

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Time to convert your Axia taillights, boys.

Now, onto the EV numbers. Replacing the usual 3-cylinder engine in the Axia is a 60 kW electric motor that drives the front wheels. A 32 kWh battery pack powers the Ayla EV concept.

The electric range has not been specified, but a battery of this size can usually provide about 200+ km of range depending on the weight of the vehicle, and the power output of the motor. For context, the MINI Cooper SE with its 28.9 kWh battery has 232 km of WLTP range and the Honda E with its 28.5 kWh battery has a WLTP range of 222 km.

Type 2 socket only – Does this mean no DC fast charging?

As for charging, the only thing we can tell about the Ayla EV Concept is the use of a Type 2 charging socket. From the look of the socket, it seems the Ayla EV concept is only capable of AC charging. No further technical details have been provided on the Ayla EV concept.

Proudly built by Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) Indonesia, Daihatsu says it has equipped the Ayla EV concept with a stronger suspension to cope with the added weight of the battery. They have also worked on the car’s underbody.

Daihatsu said, “By exhibiting these vehicles, Daihatsu will convey its approach of promoting the sustainable spread of practical electrified vehicles to visitors. It will also communicate its corporate commitment to contributing to the realisation of carbon neutrality in Indonesia”.

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