This video of the Honda e will make you wish it was sold here!

With some time to go before its official launch, let’s forget about the new Honda City Turbo for now, with its 253 Nm of torque now deeply and firmly ingrained in our head following a series of videos, officially and unofficially. We should spread our attention to the Honda e instead, a fully electric hatchback Honda made for the European and Japanese domestic market.

As the host in the video said, “It’s just one of those cars that make you smile. I don’t think you can be sad driving a Honda e.”

It just invokes an irresistible sense of curiosity that makes you want to take a second and closer look. Everything from its round headlights, its camera side mirrors, and Ferrari F12-like taillights just demands attention.

You may not be able to tell from the video but at just 3895 mm, it’s EXACTLY the same length as the Perodua Myvi. In one segment of the video, they even showed how small the turning radius of the Honda e is – perfect for “my-time-is-more-precious-than yours” Malaysians.

And then there’s the interior with a mix of modern and retro touches. How does two 12.3-inch digital displays sound? To put things in perspective, that’s as big as the dual displays you see in the current generation W222 Mercedes-Benz S-Class!

That’s even before you account for the camera side mirror displays flanking both sides of the dashboard! All that tech is then mellowed down and balanced out by melange-style sofa fabric seats with synthetic wood trim for a warm and welcoming experience.

The Honda e offers up to 154 hp and 315 Nm of the higher grade model while the entry level model makes 136 hp and 315 Nm – that’s more torque than a Honda CR-V by the way! The former will do 0 to 100 km/h in 8.3 seconds while the latter in 9.0 seconds. Pure electric range is rated between 210 and 222 km depending on the models.



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