TOM’s, a high-performance aftermarket manufacturer from Japan, in collaboration with local magazine Safari has revealed a limited edition GR Supra ‘Safari Limited‘ in conjunction with the release of the new Fast 9 film.

It celebrates the 20th anniversary of the first-ever The Fast and the Furious movie released in 2001. Only three (yes, just three units) will ever be made and you will need to jump through hurdles to get your hands on one.

Firstly, you have to fill out a “purchase application” and later on, there’ll be a ballot system to determine who gets to own one. When that happens the lucky three will have to fork out 12.9 million Yen (approx. RM486,950). We’ve heard of car sales being this difficult before, but they were Ferrari.

Toyota GR Supra in Malaysia updated with Apple CarPlay – price unchanged at RM590k. Check it out here!

So what do you get for all that hassle then? For starters, a pretty mean-looking Supra.

It’s only available in Matte White which is supposedly Paul Walker’s favourite colour for cars. It also pays tribute to the white A80 Toyota Supra owned by Paul Walker. There are also additions to the front, side and rear bumpers topped off with a massive one-off rear wing.

Lastly, the new aggressive look is finished off with a set of extremely expensive and exquisite 20-inch BBS LM two-pieces wheels made from forged aluminium; making them light but strong.

But it’s not all show and not go. With a bit of tuning through the TOM’s Power Box, the Safari Supra now pushes out 426 hp, about 40 hp more than standard. Underneath its skin is a set of KW Ver.3 coilover suspension for better road holding and stability.

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