Subaru Connex telematics system for XV and Forester launched in Malaysia – RM1,900

TC Subaru today officially introduced the Subaru Connex app, after a two-year-long trial here in Malaysia. The telematics system is designed to greater safety and peace of mind to Subaru owners, and will be offered to new and existing XV and Forester owners at RM1,900 from September 10 onwards.

The price includes all necessary costs for hardware installation, along with a one-year subscription. From the second year onwards, a subscription fee of RM360/year will be charged annually.

In terms of features, the Subaru Connex app is pretty similar to what’s offered in all other telematics systems such as the Honda Connect and Hyundai Telematics System, with functions split into a couple of main categories, starting with the automatic accident alert and response.

In the event of a crash where the on-board device detects an impact in excess of 2G, the system will automatically send key vehicle information such as location, crash speed, and impact force directly to a dedicated call centre.

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The call centre will then contact the passengers directly through the on-board voice-box to understand the situation, and determine if additional emergency services is needed. However, in the event that no response was received, and a severe impact was recorded on the on-board device, the call centre will then automatically contact emergency services to request for an ambulance at the accident site.

The Subaru Connex systems also makes it easier for owners to request for breakdown assistance when needed, through the on-board bCall button which notifies Subaru’s Roadside Assist team to send the necessary help to the vehicle’s location.

There’s also an on-board SOS button, which will notify the call centre to send emergency medical assistance to the vehicle’s location. The SOS button can also be used to request for ambulance services when the driver witnesses an accident, or needs help in assisting someone who needs it.

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Aside from safety features, the Subaru Connex service also offers several security and convenience functions, such as the Smart Alarm, which notifies the owner via the connected mobile app if their car’s ignition has been switched on, or if their vehicle is being towed.

Owners can also keep track of their vehicle’s status at all times via the app, including the car’s battery voltage (with automatic notification when the system detects a low voltage), ignition status, driving history, last parked location, and the due date for the next scheduled service.

The app also allows owners to set an arbitrary speed limit on the vehicle, which sends a notification whenever the car goes over the speed limit – particularly useful for when the car is loaned out to family members, friends, or even fleet customers.

Last but not least, there’s also a stolen vehicle recovery function, which – upon verification – activates the process and enable the call centre to liaise with the police for vehicle recovery, based on GPS location data.

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Subaru Connex customers are also offered additional services as part of the VIP Assist package, which includes unlimited towing to their preferred authorised Subaru workshop in case of aflood, breakdown, or accident; on-site repair service (up to RM300 for labour charges per incident); and transport reimbursement in case of an accident repair at an authorised Subaru Workshop, up to RM2,000.

Additionally, Subaru also says that the Connex system is also ready for Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) policies, although more information will only be provided when the programme is launched by early 2022.

“Subaru Connex has come at the right time when safety has become more important than ever. The device further enhances our continuous commitment to safety, giving Subaru drivers something more that they can rely on should they require emergency assistance,” said TC Subaru Country Manager, Eugene Tay.


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