Honda Malaysia’s new Honda Connect telematics suite makes their cars smarter and safer

Honda Malaysia today launched the new Honda Connect telematics suite here on our shores, with the upcoming City RS e:HEV being the first recipient of the new technology.

The Honda Connect suite allows owners to connect with their cars directly via a smartphone application, with its functionalities split into three main categories – Safety, Security, and Convenience.

On the safety and security front, the Honda Connect suite features functionalities such as Automatic Collision Detection System, Security Alarm Detection, Speed Alert, Find My Car, Geo-Fencing Alert and Emergency Call.

The Automatic Collision Detection System will automatically notify Honda’s 24 Hours Roadside Assist Call Center when a collision has been detected, or when an airbag is deployed, ensuring swift dispatch of emergency support services. A notification will also be sent to the mobile application to alert the owner.

The Security Alarm Detection feature essentially functions as a remote “sentry” for the car. A push notification will be sent to the owner as well as the Roadside Assist Call Center when a car door, boot, or bonnet is forcibly opened.

Find My Car, Speed Alert, and Geo-Fencing Alert meanwhile uses the built-in GPS modules in the Honda Connect system to provide information directly to the mobile application. Find My Car maps the location of the car at all times, even when the car is parked, while the Speed Alert and Geo-Fencing Alert allows owners to pre-set conditional parameters for speed and location range through the application.

A notification will be sent to the mobile application whenever either of these parameters are exceeded – useful for parents with kids who have just received their driving licences!

On the Convenience side, these features include Remote Vehicle Control, Car Status and Service Reminder, Vehicle Dashboard, and Point of Interest (POI) search.

The Remote Vehicle Control feature allows customers to access a variety of controls within the vehicle, including remote lock or unlock, remote engine start-stop, as well as air conditioning and lighting controls. If you’ve unfortunately left the car keys locked inside the cabin, the Honda Connect system also allows Honda’s 24 Hours Roadside Assist Call Center to unlock the doors remotely, upon request of course.

Car Status and Service Reminder lives within the vehicle dashboard section of the application, which displays information such as driving behaviour and trip logs, and service history directly within the app itself. For added convenience, the Honda Connect app will also remind you when the next periodical maintenance is almost due, providing tools to directly contact a Honda Dealer to make a service appointment.

As an extension, the Honda Connect suite can also provide remote diagnostic support for an initial assessment and necessary diagnosis for emergency issues. The system can detect issues within these 11 main indicators – Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Supplemental Restraint System, Brake System, Engine Malfunction, Charging System, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) System, Electric Power Steering (EPS) System, Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS), Adaptive Cruise Control System (ACC), Safety Support, and Power System.

After the diagnosis is completed, Honda’s roadside assistance call centre can then arrange for necessary support if requested by the owner. Similarly, a push notification will also be sent to the user’s mobile phone.

Other Honda Connect features include the One-to-One Message function for reminders on service maintenance, as well as insurance and annual vehicle road tax renewals, alongside Social Network Services (SNS) Posting which lets users to share their vehicle trip logs with their community via social media.

The Honda Connect system will begin rolling out onto new Honda vehicles, starting with the Honda City RS e:HEV, which will begin deliveries from March 2021.


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