Hyundai Grand Starex now comes with built-in telematics system – RM2k for retrofit

All Hyundai Grand Starex registered from May 1 onwards are now pre-installed with the marque’s own telematics system, Hyundai-Sime Darby Motors (HSDM) announced today. The system makes it easier for customers to book a service appointment, locate and report stolen vehicles, or provide assistance during accidents or breakdowns.

Hyundai’s telematics system comprises six services – eCall and Manual eCall for emergency assistance, bCall for breakdown assistance, Service Assist, Stolen Vehicle Tracking, and connected security features through its accompanying mobile app.

For emergencies, customers can contact HSDM’s Secure Operating Centre (SOC) by pushing the SOS button (eCall) mounted on the map console of the Grand Starex. The vehicle owner will then receive a call from the SOC, and assistance – whether it’s for an ambulance, the police, or a tow truck – will be dispatched upon confirmation.

Should the Telematics System detect a significant impact to the vehicle, a crash alert will automatically be activated (without the need to press the SOS button), and the SOC will then immediately contact the vehicle owner to assess the situation. If no response was received from the vehicle owner, an ambulance and the police will automatically be dispatched to the location based on GPS information.

Similarly, Honda Malaysia is also now offering its telematics suite, Honda Connect, on its latest models.

In the event of a breakdown, customers can also use the bCall function, and the breakdown service will immediately be dispatched to the location.

The accompanying Hyundai Telematics mobile app, meanwhile, offers several convenient features such as a car finder that activates the smart alarm to help you locate your car via its horn and blinkers, missing vehicle reporting, and other non-emergency reports.

The Hyundai Kona N-Line is now available for booking in Malaysia. Check it out here!

Last but not least, the Service Assist helps track the vehicle’s mileage via satellite, and sends a ticket to an authorised Hyundai service centre when it’s time for the next scheduled service. The service centre will then contact the vehicle owner to make an appointment.

The concierge service also helps remind vehicle owners for the renewal of insurance and road tax.

HSDM also recently introduced a new Extended Warranty Programme for older models. Check it out here.

The Hyundai Telematics Service will be complimentary for new Grand Starex owners for the first three years. After the three-year period, customers can opt to renew annually at RM380 per year.

Existing Grand Starex owners who are keen can also retrofit the entire telematics system at any Hyundai authorised service centres, priced at RM1,998 including installation.


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