Proton sold 9,623 cars in June, second best sales month in 2020 thus far

Proton has just posted its sales data for June, which recorded a total of 9,623 vehicles sold in the month. The national carmaker said that this is the second best sales month so far this year, which represented a 69.5% growth over May, and a 26.3% increase over the same period last year – when the world was not affected by a pandemic.

Accounting for the June sales figures, Proton now claims a 21.2% Year-to-Date (YTD) market share figure. The company also says that its performance in the first half of 2020 shows a 6.5% improvement over the same period last year.

Driving the sales for the national carmaker in June was the Proton Saga, which saw 4,447 units of the A-segment sedan sold. According to Proton, the figure represents the best monthly sales figure for the Saga in 70 months, overtaking the previous best of 4,275 units in October 2019.

The Proton X70 continue to reign the C-segment SUV market with 1,909 units sold last month, which also made it the best-selling SUV overall in the country for the first half of the year, according to the company.

The national carmaker also claims that the Proton Persona held on as the nation’s best-selling B-segment sedan for the second month in a row; the Exora remained at the top of the C-segment MPV market, while the Iriz climbed up in ranking to take third in its segment.

Proton Edar CEO, Roslan Abdullah said, “Proton’s sales in the first full month of business since February have been encouraging. While we remain cautiously optimistic for the second half of 2020, the demand for Malaysian cars in general and Proton vehicles in particular points towards increased consumer confidence in our products.”

The company believes that the recently-announced sales tax exemption period has helped spurred demand and interest in car purchases, and is looking to maintain its sales momentum for the rest of year with several activities including the 35th anniversary celebration for the Proton Saga.


  1. commenting on a partner’s bad breath

    When we first started seeing each other, I had any idea that her breath wasn’t exactly minty fresh. I just wait as a one off thing, We all get terrible breath sometimes.

    for the other hand, I realized it almost anything ranges from very bad to terrible. I discussed with her in regular transmission once about how often she brushes her teeth, If she paint brushes her tongue and cheek, To which she said often.

    every so often I am blunt and insensitive, So I’d like advice on how to bring up such a sensitive topic. Once it was so bad it actually completely turned me off while we were getting intimate, But I didn’t tell her what motive for was, And didn’t grow it up right then.

    let me bring it up. one on one, On the item? exactly?

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    at a store, NOT lying there (visibly), And with compassion as it’s a problem we’re all prone to. I know I’m grateful when my husband tells me directly that my breath is bad. As awkward as it may be, It’s still better than breathing funkily all over everyone with no knowledge of about it. your wife may have a post nasal drip issue that she’s unaware of, Which isn’t really helped by tooth brushing except to mask the odor with the mintiness of toothpaste for a short time. A trip to her regular doctor or ENT may be in order if she doesn’t need any dental problems. all the best,everyone!

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    secondly then, You discuss this woman as “your better half, not really a woman you’re casually dating, So I think on many occasions you can put politeness aside. Imagine if YOU had really really bad breath but had no idea about it. How would you want your partner to tell you?

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    Tell her it’s a bonerkiller and you will be losing altitude rapidly. closely, in person, And gradually. “Did renovation bad oral hygiene can lead to,

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    Ask her if she gets flossing.

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    Hmm, Generally I’d advocate being super gentle and very sensitive, But I think that might actually escalate the situation and make it feel more shameful for her. In this case I think a few very casual/lighthearted prods about it may be the more face saving (on her behalf) Way to touch it. I’m imagining a scenario where you’re beginning to smooch each other and you say, “Baby! Your breath smells! Go brush so we can find out, some thing.

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    Oh fin. I’m in the same position immediately. we live both very direct, Honest guests, But I started obliquely, with a little guile, By asking if he had brushed his teeth today, Or asking [url=][/url] what he had lunchtime, stuff like that. (“fantastic! Did that you’ve got extra onions on that sub,) Then I got to the issue, And refered to it was better to hear it from me than someone at work, for example. And then I given that his mother was not well equipped to be a mother, and probably didn’t (your) Nag/remind him when he was a kid to clean every morning and night and (w) most certainly didn’t take him to the dentist very often. Long details short, I convinced him to go to the dentist, And that might be the way to go. Bad breath can be a sign of gum disease or advancing dental cairies, IIRC eventhough IANAD. as well as, Many women are fairly involved in their own individual wellness and act accordingly, So if you position it as a health issue, She are probably not too terribly offended.

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    I agree that if it’s really bad and consistent it may be not a hygiene issue but a related health issue. i had tell her gently, face-to-face, And then hug her really difficult afterwards. Let her get upset or offended or whatever leaving it at that. And understand what see her actively addressing the issue, Don’t kiss her mouth the very next time you are in bed together, She’ll get to complete.

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    IANAD, Nor any other kind of medical expert.

    Of course this is a health issue. I think she should ask your physician, But tongue brushing and mouthwash can do an okay job of masking many people’s mouth odor for short time. Can she brush several times daily until she gets a consultation with her doc?

    Some probably harmless things to try in the meantime:

    Buy some nasal strips for going to bed (wake up Right is one brand)

    Sleep in numerous positions

    Reduce dairy at some or all meals

    Don’t forget to keep a little journal while tinkering with these factors. Some or all of the info could be useful for her doctor to make a diagnosis.

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    dating is growing rapidly a daunting.. For those who’ve been off the circuit for some time after. Here’s a little dating advice that will back on the dating wagon.. This is a date for your part.

  3. The ‘most beautiful village in England’ is just 90 minutes down the M5 from cardiff

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    You may recognise this gorgeous little Cotswold village even if you never been there.

    That because it a filmmaker paradise and its honey coloured 17th century cottages have formed the backdrop to movies like Stardust, showcasing Ian McKellen and Michelle Pfeiffer, And Bridget Jones record.

    Look your own passport and you see this village depicted inside the front cover.

    Read more These gorgeous Cotswold holiday cottages everyone is raving about are just a short drive from Birmingham

    Artist William Morris called Bibury most breathtaking village in England and it easy to see why.

    Set along banking institutions of the River Coln, This Cotswold hamlet is quintessentially English. Wander around and you feel like you stepped inside the pages of a fairy tale, using its winding lanes, appealing riverbanks, Quaint flower filled home gardens, Ivy covered bungalows and stone bridges.

    and in addition, It rated as the most villages in the UK and just the names alone are intriguing Awkward Hill, Pudding pile Farm, Sundial new and Squirrel Leap.

    as well, it’ll only take around an hour and a half to drive there down the M5 from Birmingham.

    adventures in Bibury Arlington Row

    First [url=][/url] stop is to be the Weavers Cottages on Arlington Row on Awkward Hill.

    These cottages are thought to be date back to around 1380 when they were originally a monastic wool store supplying cloth for the nearby. They were became weavers cottages in the 17th century.

    The stone cottages with steeply pitched roofs are now lived in by nation’s Trust tenants, With no public the ways to access the cottages or gardens, Although you can rent out one of them as any occasion cottage.

    Car maker Henry Ford is rumoured to have once attempted to buy the Arlington Row houses to ship back to Michigan so that he could include them in Greenfield Village. Is now a private house, But it used to house the museum of with an accumulation of period clothing, Documents and working machinery demonstrating milling the Victorian way of life.

    The cloth engineered at the Arlington Row of weavers’ cottages was sent to for fulling to make sturdy felted material.

    Bibury trout Farm

    Bibury is also home to England oldest focusing trout farms.

    the money to meet almost 15 acres, Bibury Trout Farm dates back to 1902. You can explore the grounds, Go wild animals spotting, grip a fish, Hire a barbq and have a round of crazy golf. classes fees apply.

    when there, Sample the famous Bibury Trout in the cafe alongside a selection of locally sourced dishes, selfmade cakes and artisan coffee.

    There also a deli and gift shop selling William Morris designs china and fabrics, English soaps and locally produced lavender things.

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  5. How a Woman Flirts to Get Your concentration

    it’s all about body language, And women often use body language to show men they want. Women who flirt are subconsciously trying to tell you they are interested and want to take things one stage further.

    Men often find, life style, That interpreting female flirting signals can be challenging. a few might term it more of a mystery, the actual. the damage is that women often send flirting signs than can give off mixed information.

    rapidly overheat, Sometimes women who flirt are genuinely drawn to you and want to get to know you. quite the opposite, Women sometimes are just flirting in a genial manner and, basically, Have no feelings of attraction.

    the case, match your needs how to a guy can depict honest flirting from the friendly (never interested) flirting. Though women will remain a challenge to comprehend, there are methods to help you determine if a woman is sending you a true flirting signal. By learning to identify these flirting signals, You will be in a much better position to figure out of she is attracted to you and interested in observing you.

    Remember what I said about body language? perfectly, Here is when it comes into play. Women who flirt will often begin flirting with you even before you begin a conversation with her. Here are three flirting cues that mean she is attracted to you and would like you to approach her:

    passcode 1: She is looking your way.

    When you out looking for a way meet women, You might notice one who endlessly glances your way. When you’re in a social setting like a bar or the like, do not be deceived. Girls will randomly look your way yet are not really interested in you. unfortunately, if you realize a woman who keeps looking in you direction and checking you out, She is more often than not flirting with you.

    at this moment, She is certainly interested if she locks eyes with you! This is possibilities obvious flirting signals.

    do not forget – eye contact is usually the main way women flirt with guys initially, Which means women will typically not approach you to initiate conversation. That ball is ones court. therefore,really, if you learn a girl glancing your way, go ahead and approach her. She is possibly hoping you will.

    warning 2: She is seeking your attention.

    along with eye contact, Women who flirt since they’re interested also make an extra effort to get you attention. She may walk or stand near you repeatedly. If you find her waiting you and her friends are nowhere to be seen, She may be isolating herself from them hoping you start in conversation with her.

    absolutely, If you notice her actively placing herself in a position that you may notice her, You have just picked up on possibilities [url=]asiame review[/url] classic female flirting signs.

    sign 3: She makes his full attention and smiles.

    talked about briefly earlier, some of the more forward ways women flirt is by locking eyes and smiling. Women who flirt by sending you a smile are hinting that, first, She prefers she sees and, Second, she wants you to come over.

    routinely, Women do not casually smile at guys they are not taken with. which means that, Take a smile as a clear sign that she is interested and wants you to approach her.

    The three signs above are really the ways women flirt to get men to approach them. By attending to and picking up on these cues, You can be more confident in the fact that she is attracted to you and make your way over. but rather, It is up to you to see the flirting signals.


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