2020 Toyota Corolla 1.8G now comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

When we first drove the all-new Toyota Corolla up and down Genting Highlands, after witnessing its launch at the Sky Avenue, there was almost nothing about the car we could be too critical with.

With the exception of a slight lack in grunt, everything about the way it drives and rides was simply spot on. For something between RM128k to RM139k, the new Toyota Corolla (and I’m being objective here) sets a very high standard in driving refinement for a C segment sedan – if the segment still means something to anyone these days.

The big step up is largely due to the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform that the new Corolla, like the Camry we reviewed, is built on. It has completely changed the way we see a Corolla and we’re convinced you’d agree as well after a test drive.

The only stark absence in the Corolla however, especially in the year 2019 (when it was launched), was the lack of modern forms connectivity – like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It was almost there but not quite and the overall comments online have been unanimous as well.

UMW Toyota Motor must have been observing because they’re equipped the Corolla with a completely new head unit that’s not only more complete – with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – but also substantially larger than before. It now measures 9 inches, up from 6.8 inches while also losing the humpback behind the display.

There is a catch; it’s only available in the 1.8G model that’s now priced at RM139,888, an increase from RM136,888. Price for the 1.8E remains unchanged at RM128,888. Can you justify paying an extra RM3k for a more well equipped head unit?


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