Video: Here’s how Toyota’s TNGA is transforming their new cars!

Unless you’ve been cut-off from the internet the past year or so, you probably would’ve heard some automotive journalist raving about Toyota’s TNGA platform – We assure you, it’s not just us who have ultra-sensitive bottoms.

But what is it about the Toyota New Global Architecture that makes their cars drive so well? Let Eu Jin take you through its key points:

The TNGA underpins new Toyota models such as the C-HR, Camry, Corolla, and the RAV4, and with it brings better handling, better visibility, and even better looks to the car. Aside from that, Toyota also says that the new shared underpinnings improve production efficiency by up to 20%.

The high strength steel (which increases body rigidity by up to 40%), and lower centre of gravity design, adds up to improved handling and ride quality. But you don’t have to believe us – do try it out yourself!


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