Hyundai Kona Electric climbs 5,731 metres to break Guinness World Record

In an expedition named “Emission Impossible”, the Hyundai Kona Electric SUV has broken the record for ‘Highest Altitude Achieved in an Electric Car’, marking its place in the Guinness World Records.

The feat was achieved by Hyundai Motors India, using one of their made-in-India Kona Electric. The completely-stock electric SUV reached an altitude of 5,731 metres at the Sawula Pass in Tibet, beating the previous record of 5,715.28 metres, set by a Nio ES8.

During the expedition, the Kona Electric was put through harsh conditions such as low temperatures, icy tarmacs and constant snowfall. With the record now in hand, it’s safe to say that the Kona Electric performed admirably.

Hyundai Motor India, Managing Director and CEO, S S Kim commented, “Kona Electric has brought Electric Revolution by demolishing various myths about electric vehicle and is a true expression of Hyundai’s spirit of staying ahead of the curve.

“Under the Emission Impossible Mission, Kona Electric has proved its mettle in the world’s toughest terrains without compromising its performance,” he added.

Throughout the entire attempt, the Kona Electric was charged solely through the portable charger that comes as standard with the car.

As power is provided through a chemical reaction in the battery pack, the Kona Electric did not experience any performance issues, nor were any modifications necessary (as opposed to the internal combustion record).


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