The highly anticipated Toyota Supra, which is jointly developed with the next-gen BMW Z4, will only come with an automatic transmission.

According to a report by AutoCar, Toyota’s upcoming two-seater sports car will be sharing components with the Z4, such as electronics and the automatic transmission. The latter will be modified to suit Toyota’s hybrid system.

The Supra-Z4 twins are scheduled for launch in 2018 with each brand unveiling their own separate models. The new Toyota Supra, roughly based on the FT-1 concept as shown in the images here, is offered as a coupe while the new Z4 will be made as a convertible just like before.

Both brands played their part to revive their sports cars. BMW supplied the petrol engine and the carbon fibre architecture while Toyota contributed what they do best – the hybrid system.

If you’re let down by the fact that it won’t come with a stick, then take the Nissan GT-R as an example. Models before the R35 all came with a manual transmission, but how do you plan on handling a stick shifting machine that’s pushing anywhere above 350 horses?

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Travis Chang
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