New ‘EV Corolla’ Toyota bZ3 unveiled with 600+ km range, for China only

After the bZ4x, the second addition to Toyota’s electric bZ family is the new Toyota bZ3 sedan which has just been unveiled. Developed in collaboration with BYD and FAW Toyota, it is a Corolla-sized sedan with more than 600 km of electric range.

So far, Toyota has provided the dimensions, drag coefficient, and battery type of the Toyota bZ3. The battery capacity has not been listed, but the bZ3 is claimed to have a maximum cruising range of more than 600 km (CLTC). The electrification system is a combination of BYD’s lithium-ion LFP battery using lithium iron phosphate and Toyota’s extensive electrification technologies.

Toyota says that the battery structure, cooling, control, and safety monitoring systems were all newly designed for this car. Although the battery capacity has not been specified, Toyota aims to reduce battery degradation, with the development goal of ensuring 90% capacity even after ten years.

Like the bZ4x, the Toyota bZ3 uses the e-TNGA vehicle platform. The platform is claimed to achieve more pleasant driving, including more responsive performance, with a low centre of gravity and excellent handling stability.

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The bZ3 measures 4,725 mm long, 1,835 mm wide, 1,475 mm tall, and has a wheelbase of 2,880 mm, which makes it a slightly scaled-up Toyota Corolla. Looks-wise, the bZ3 adopts the familial ‘hammerhead shark’ front end styling that was first shown on the bZ4x.

Toyota bZ3Toyota Corolla Altis
Length4,725 mm4,630 mm
Width1,835 mm1,780 mm
Height1,475 mm1,435 mm
Wheelbase2,880 mm2,700 mm

Inside, the Toyota bZ3 features a ‘Digital Island’ system that integrates a large vertical centre display with a tray-type console. The interior is built with a ‘Familial Lounge’ concept that is based on the idea that cars provide a space to enjoy time with family and friends, rather than just being a means of transportation. As for ergonomics, the driving position is configured to minimize muscle strain and reduce fatigue over long distances.

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Unveiled for the Chinese market only for the time being, the bZ3 is the second model in Toyota’s electric bZ series. Toyota is planning to introduce more bZ models soon and has also teased an upcoming bZ together with the unveiling of the bZ3. As for Malaysia, Toyota has yet to introduce any fully electric cars but has installed several EV chargers at its headquarters.


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