2022 Toyota Fortuner, Innova, and Hilux updated in Malaysia with wireless CarPlay, dashcam

UMW Toyota Motor has announced an update to its International Multi-Purpose Vehicle (IMV) line-up here in Malaysia, consisting of the Hilux, Fortuner, and Innova, with additional creature comfort additions.

All three ladder frame-based models will now be offered a new a nine-inch Display Audio infotainment head unit, which includes wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. The Innova and Fortuner previously already offered a nine-inch display, but mobile phone connectivity is limited to a wired connection only.

New nine-inch touchscreen display, as fitted on the Toyota Innova.

With the change, the models will also receive new USB Type-C charging ports, while the button to activate the surround-view monitor also moves from a physical button by the steering wheel column.

The new nine-inch touchscreen head-unit will be available as standard across all three variants of the Toyota Fortuner, but only offered on the two higher-end 2.0X and 2.0G variants of the Innova, as well as the 2.8 Rogue and 2.4V (AT) variants of the Hilux pick-up truck.

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Also new to the three models as part of the 2022 refresh is the updated digital video recorders (DVR) or dashcam, which now supports WiFi connectivity, allowing owners to interact and obtain footage directly from their mobile phones via a wireless connection.

The updated front dashcam is offered as standard across all variants on the Fortuner, Innova 2.0X, as well as the Hilux 2.8 Rogue and 2.4V (AT), and optional on the other variants. Customers can also opt for an additional rear-facing DVR at extra cost.

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Aside from these changes, the rest of the models remain unchanged from before; all three models were also last updated in 2021. Pricing for the models remain unchanged despite the additional goodies, with retail pricing for each model now listed as follows, on-the-road, without insurance:

  • Toyota Fortuner
    • 2.4 AT 4×4 – RM179,880
    • 2.7 SRT AT 4×4 (petrol) – RM186,880
    • 2.8 VRZ AT 4×4 – RM220,880
  • Toyota Innova
    • 2.0E – N/A
    • 2.0G – RM131,880
    • 2.0X – RM141,880
  • Toyota Hilux
    • Single Cab 2.4 MT 4×4 – RM95,880
    • 2.4E MT 4×4 – RM110,880
    • 2.4E AT 4×4 – RM111,880
    • 2.4V AT 4×4 – RM136,880
    • 2.8 Rogue AT 4×4 – RM149,880


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