Proton sales down 32.2% in April 2022, blames chip shortage

The ongoing chip shortage is seemingly wreaking havoc for carmakers worldwide, including our very own Proton, as it just reported a 32.2% drop in sales for the month of April 2022 compared to the previous month.

The national carmaker sold a total of 8,839 units (domestic and exports) in the month, which also translates to a 41.1% drop compared to the same period last year. Proton’s market share for the month is estimated at 15.6%, down from 18.6% in March, although the year-to-date market share remains largely unchanged at 17%.

Despite its lower sales figure in April, Proton still maintains that it’s the second-bestselling brand in Malaysia for YTD sales and market share. The company refrained from making the same claim for its monthly sales figure, however, suggesting that it may have fallen down the pecking order.

The April’s sales figure was primarily contributed, yet again, by the Proton Saga. A total of 4,579 units of the entry-level sedan were delivered in the month, bringing the YTD total up to 14,028 units. This will also be the current Saga’s last full month of sales, as Proton has announced that the 2022 Saga facelift will be unveiled in May.

Aside from the Saga, Proton also claims that it still led three market segments for the month of April, despite the downturn in sales. The Proton X50 was the bestseller for the B-segment SUVs with 1,554 units sold; the X70 for C-segment SUVs with 1,530 units sold, and the Exora for C-segment MPVs, with 301 units sold.

“After two years of pandemic-affected sales, Malaysia’s automotive market continues to show strong growth potential in 2022, as evidenced by the long waiting list for new car deliveries,” commented Proton Edar CEO, Roslan Abdullah. “Proton is also trying to catch up to market demand, but we also must acknowledge being the most affected by chip supply issues.”

Roslan reassures its customers that the company has secured its semiconductor supply for May and June, and is expecting a “quick turnaround” in the coming months. “The situation is still uncertain for the rest of the year and the global car industry is under pressure from rising costs, but the company is working on countermeasures against these issues to ensure our customers get the best products and value in Malaysia and abroad,” he added.

Proton’s export sales also fell sharply in April to 456 units, although year-to-date figures still represents a 109.7% increase compared to 2021, at 1,573 export units sold. Pakistan was by far Proton’s biggest export market with YTD sales of 1,050 units, followed by Egypt at 172 units, and Brunei at 138 units.


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