BFGoodrich Advantage Touring launched in Malaysia – 13 to 20 inches for all vehicle types

BFGoodrich, a Michelin tyre subsidiary, has just updated its on-road tyre offering with the launch of the new Advantage Touring tyres here in Malaysia. Replacing the Advantage T/A Drive, the new tyres are designed for a wide range of vehicle fitments ranging from sedans and SUVs to pick-up trucks, with a total of 67 sizes on offer ranging from 13- to 20-inches.

The company says that the new BFGoodrich Advantage Touring tyres are designed with value for money in mind, offering buyers a quieter ride, stable handling and braking, as well as greater fuel efficiency.

Key features of the BFGoodrich Advantage Touring include a new simplified asymmetric tread design, which is computer-optimised to reduce road noise in the cabin. The tread design – which are inspired by the brand’s road racing tyres – also promises improved aesthetics, and more importantly, better handling and braking stability in all conditions thanks to the rigid tread blocks and shoulder.

The deep grooves and large tread blocks help improve braking performance particularly in the wet, while the full-depth features also assures that the same performance is maintained throughout the tyre’s life.

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Elsewhere, the BFGoodrich Advantage Touring also comes with the “interlocking band technology” that is designed to reduce friction and heat, resulting in better fuel consumption. The contact patch of the tyres is also said to be specifically designed for markets with “severe heat conditions”, such as Malaysia.

The new BFGoodrich Advantage Touring is now available at authorised dealerships across Malaysia. Each tyre also comes with a six-year manufacturer’s warranty, offering buyers extra peace of mind.

No pricing information has been provided, but more information on the new BFGoodrich Advantage Touring tyres can be found on the company’s website, linked here.


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