50th Anniversary edition BMW M4 rumoured for 2022 – hardcore CSL-like model with 6MT!

BMW’s M division will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year, and the festivities have apparently already started. They’ve already shown off the first-ever M3 Touring, the electric-powered Concept XM, and they’re even bringing back the classic BMW Motorsports emblem, but the German performance car powerhouse isn’t stopping there just yet.

According to a post on the Bimmerpost forum by user ynguldyn, who’s known to be an insider with an excellent track record, BMW M will be introducing a new 50th Anniversary special edition model of the BMW M4 that’s configured “like the CSL”, but with a manual transmission instead of the eight-speed auto.

The legendary BMW E46 M3 CSL

For those who aren’t hardcore BMW fans, “CSL” stands for “Coupé Sport Lightweight”, and is reserved specifically for the most hardcore versions of the M cars. Befitting its “lightweight” name, the CSL models usually have a stripped out (by comparison) specifications list, with most of the luxuries such as electric seats and parking sensors deleted.

There’s only been a few CSL models throughout the company’s 50-year history, but it’s already been rumoured (and photographed) that the current G82-generation BMW M4 will indeed be getting a CSL model, equipped with an uprated engine (around the 550 hp mark) and an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

VIDEO: Watch the all-new BMW M4 Competition blitz through the Nurburgring in 7:30 minutes

Good ol’ stick shift.

According to several insiders, the upcoming BMW M4 CSL will already be a highly-exclusive model, said to be limited to a production run of just 1,000 units. So if the rumours by ynguldyn turns out to be true, it’ll most likely be even harder to get your hands on the “50 Jahre” model!

Details of the purported BMW M4 CSL are already close to none, so it’s no surprise that we’ve heard basically nothing on this 50 Anniversary model thus far – but keep your eyes peeled for updates as we learn more.

One thing’s for sure, however: It’ll definitely be an exciting year ahead for all BMW fans. The golden jubilee isn’t a common occurrence after all, and BMW will want to celebrate it as much as they can.


G82 BMW M4 Competition


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