Toyota will now sell the C+pod battery electric vehicle to the Japanese public

Toyota Motor Corporation has announced that they will start selling the C+pod ultra-compact battery electric vehicle to corporate customers and to the general public as well. Previously, it was sold exclusively to selected corporate customers only.

The Toyota C+pod electric vehicle measures just 2.4 metres long, 1.2 metres wide and 1.5 metres tall. It only sits two passengers with batteries mounted just below to drive the rear wheels, with an electric range of 150 km.

The C+pod can be plugged directly into standard power outlets for charging. It even comes with an external power supply system of up to 1,500 watts as standard for use during power outages and natural disasters.

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Despite looking bare, you still get LED lighting at the front and back. To save weight, the exterior panels are made of recycled plastic. More impressively, it comes with a Pre-collision Safety System that warns the driver when it detects vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians during the day and night. It even comes with autonomous braking but only for low-speed operations.

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“It has been well received by customers who have used it, especially for its ease of handling, environmental friendliness, and full range of safety and security features despite its ultra-compact body. We are now ready to deliver the C+pod to a wider range of customers, so we have decided to expand the sales target to all customers nationwide,” Toyota said in a press release.

The C+pod will be available through leasing with prices starting from 1.6 million to 1.7 million Yen (approx. RM58k to RM62k).

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