We can’t wait for BMW’s legendary CSL badge to be back, but it won’t be on the M3

Not even a full day of reveling in the magnificence of the a new Genesis and this pops up in the news.

After over three decades, BMW is no stranger to making hardcore sports coupes/sedans. Generation after generation, E30 M3 and the six-cylinder M3’s have been our firm favourite. As kids from the late 80’s, the E46 M3 CSL was probably the most hardcore M3 in our books growing up – before the bigger V8 E92s came into the picture with some powertrain variety.

Word is that BMW is about to revive the almost forgotten namesake again since 2004 – snatching away the introduction of the day, the Genesis G70’s bright but brief spotlight. Sure they may be of different classes, but you can’t stay on top without beating everyone and everything along the way. We’ve not even gotten over how good looking the “almost M2” is yet!

This time however, the BMW M2 that we sampled in South Korea just a few months back will bear the prestigious tag – one that is synonymous with brute and raw forces according to reports by UK’s leading auto site, Autocar. Hardly surprising as the M2 has been the sportcars of choice to ply the safety car role – formerly with the Moto GP and in the future, in the 24-hour LeMans.

If we know and remember the CSL correctly, expect the M2, which was bestowed to the Malaysian public just last year, to follow the former CSL’s stripped out form with no creature comforts and loads of carbon fibre bits, as the swansong model of the current-generation M2. With reports of an impending facelifted M2, expect this to come not long after.

Autocar also reported that performance figures will likely be in the 400 hp ball park with their sources claiming that it would inherit the powerplant of the current M3 and M4. It also quoted in its report that BMW had been encouraged to produce the M2 CSL due to sales figures which have exceeded beyond expectations.

Source: Autocar.co.uk

Cover photo: BMW Blog


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