ABB introduces the world’s fastest EV charger with 360 kW power

ABB of Switzerland, the world leader in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, offers the full range of charging and electrification solutions for not just cars but buses, vans, commercial vehicles and even trains and ships.

The company today unveils its latest Terra 360 EV charger for mainstream vehicles. With a maximum 360 kW of charging power, it is dubbed the world’s fastest EV charger, as the new machine is capable of fully charging any EV in 15 minutes or less or 100 km of range in under three minutes.

This Shell station is the greenest in the country, and not due to just have EV chargers! More about their initiative here!

Majority of the high-capacity DC fast chargers are delivering between 150 kW to 180 kW. In Malaysia, Porsche and Shell has embarked to “electrify” Malaysia and Singapore with strategically placed DC fast chargers along the North-South Expressway (PLUS) to make travelling time from Penang to Singapore comparable to conventional cars.

In an example given by Porsche, using a 180-kW charger at their showroom for just 30 minutes can deliver up to 390 km of range to a Porsche Taycan.

BMW Malaysia is offering the i3s EV at RM279k, 0 to 100 km/h under 7 seconds. More info here!

Thanks to its modular design and small footprint, the new Terra 360 can simultaneously charge up to four vehicles with dynamic power distribution. ABB sees the potential of this big rig being installed at high volume locations such as refuelling stations, urban charging stations and especially fleet applications.

Much closer to home, ABB has installed their Terra 53 multi-connector charging system at their head office in Subang Jaya, Selangor. Three connectors are available, including an AC connector rated up to 43 kW plus a CCS Type 2 Connector that is the default “socket” used by European automakers.  

Owners of Nissan Leaf are also welcomed to use the ABB Terra 53 charging bay, as it is one of the very few locations in Malaysia to have the 50 kW CHAdeMO connector, topping up to 80% of electrons in 50 minutes.



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