This Shell fuel station is the “greenest” in the country!

That’s because the Mint Hotel Shell station along the KL-Seremban highway has been integrated with energy-efficient and renewable energy innovations such as the Photo Voltaic solar rooftop system that’s capable of generating over 90,000 kWh of electricity – enough to power some 300 households per month!

The electricity from solar power will also reduce the fuel station’s carbon emissions by over 62 tonnes per annum and that’s equivalent to saving 1,118 trees, according to Shell.

That’s not all; in reducing the fuel stations water usage, a rainwater harvesting system collects and stores rainwater. This saves the station approximate 167,000 gallons of water per year – the same amount required to supply 24 households with water for a month.

 Green Building Index (GBI) Accreditation Panel, Chairman, Ar. Serina Hijjas, and Shell Malaysia Trading and Shell Timur, Managing Director, Shairan Huzani Husain or more famously known as “Pak Cik Shell”.

The Mint Hotel Shell station has another trick up its sleeves. It can also convert food wastes into fertiliser! The station collects up to 30 kg of food waste a day, and converts them into 6 kg of fertiliser for the station’s potted plants.

Other low carbon emission innovations include energy-efficient air conditioners and chillers, recycling facilities, and a smart LED lighting system at the forecourt.

As such, the Mint Hotel Shell station is the first petrol station in the country to be awarded the Provisional Gold Standard by Green Building Index (GBI).

In January 2021, Shell reached another milestone in lowering carbon emissions by installing solar panels at 100 of its petrol stations in Malaysia. Together with Cleantech Solar, Shell has installed solar panels at another 51 stations as of May.

These 151 solar-powered Shell stations can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4,448 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to planting 79,185 trees.

Currently, Shell has three GBI-certified sites while five other stations are being assessed for GBI certification. Shell aims to have a total of 300 solar-powered and 40 GBI-certified sites by 2021.

Shell also recently announced that together with Porsche Asia Pacific, they’ll be implementing Southeast Asia’s first cross-border high performance charging network with 12 charge points at six Shell stations located along Malaysia’s North-South Highway.


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