F1 driver Pierre Gasly test drives the all-new Honda HR-V

As you all know by now, the all-new Honda HR-V is out. Not only is it better looking and more mature, but also much larger than before. Let Pierre Gasly, driver of the Scuderia AlphaTauri F1 team tell you all about it.

Instead of being at a track, the video takes place at a container yard and almost immediately, there are glimpses of what the all-new Honda HR-V can offer and do.

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For starters, there’s now a much larger, sleeker infotainment display although Honda has yet to reveal its exact size. Compared to before, it’s not only sleeker with a free-standing effect but also comes with sharper displays.

Upon setting off, the first remark by the French Formula 1 driver was “Wow, this is smooth” but you know with this being a promo video so we’ll stick to what we can tell from the video instead of what the Gasly tells us.

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What we did notice was cabin space, as Gasly pointed out as well. Despite offering loads of space to the driver, the rear section still looks visibly spacious; definitely a step up from before.

What we could also tell was how agile the car looked (and should feel); slithering through narrow lanes between the containers. Even more so, when it did a sharp S-turn between containers midway through the video.

As for dimensions, the all-new HR-V is lower and wider than before; factors that contribute to extra space and low-slung look. It is slightly shorter than before, with a wheelbase that measures the same but Honda managed to free up more than 30 mm of leg room the back seat.

More to come on the HR-V!

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