Dongfeng Warrior M50 is China’s version of the Hummer H1

Remember the military-based road truck, the Hummer H1? Well, Dongfeng in China has started offering civilian versions of their own military-based pick-up truck, called the Warrior M50.

The Dongfeng Warrior M50 actually looks like the Hummer due to its localisation programme. Back in the 90s, Dongfeng was tasked to reverse-engineer the Humvee to build vehicles for the Chinese army. Dongfeng eventually built everything in-house and spawned various body types of the Warrior since 2011.

It is no surprise that the Warrior M50 is the first Chinese military vehicle to be converted for civilian use. The idea was mooted as early as 2011, where Dongfeng made some civilian concepts of EQ2050 military vehicles but received little interest from the public. Built on the same assembly line as the military version, it has been “civilised” via colourful paintwork and a more opulent interior featuring an infotainment system.

The interior continues to be a strict two-seater, with a massive space and console box between both occupants, just like the Hummer H1.

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Based on Chinese automotive portals, the Warrior M50 measures over five metres in length, more than two metres in width and a wheelbase of over three metres. Built on a basic body-on-frame design, the engine upfront is a 4-litre turbodiesel unit delivering 203 hp and 600 Nm.

That engine is mated to a six-speed manual transmission, sending power to all four wheels. Highlight of its off-road capabilities include climbing angle of 60 degrees, wading depth of 1,200 mm and a ground clearance of 380 mm. Large diameter terrain tyres are also required to be strengthened to support the behemoth.

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The Dongfeng Warrior M50 is probably one of the most expensive locally-made vehicle in China, with prices starting from CNY668,800 (RM436,000). To put things into perspective, one can purchase a BMW X5 for that price, or be seen in the Hongqi H9 3.0t that is best known as a state limousine. 




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