Video: Drivers confront policemen at road block as tempers flare in three-hour traffic jam

Nobody likes traffic jams, but most of us usually keep our displeasures within the confines of our cars. Sometimes though, the inconveniences can get a bit too much to handle, as this group of drivers experienced after being stuck in a four-hour-long crawl at the Sungai Besi Toll yesterday.

Photo: Bernama/Facebook

The traffic jam built up on rush hour Monday morning, following the commencement of the third Movement Control Order (MCO) in Kuala Lumpur which banned interstate travels without police permit. Speaking to Astro Awani, Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Azmi Abu Kassim confirmed that the congestion traffic jam lasted between 7am until 10am, stretching out to over 2 km in length.

However, he said that the traffic returned to a more acceptable flow after 10 am, once the police on duty had relaxed inspections at the road block, even though there were still many vehicles on the route.

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In an emotion-induced fit, a few drivers decided to vent their anger towards the policemen on duty. As seen on a video published on Bernama’s Facebook page, the group can be heard saying that their cars were running out of petrol, and engines overheating as a result of sitting motionless in the traffic jam.

An agitated driver added that they had no other choice but to sit through to traffic jam, as they weren’t allowed to turn around. The police officer responded saying “you want to be angry at me, but I can’t do anything,” to which the crowd replied “we are not angry, just trying to negotiate.”

Azmi added that the Police’s Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department has set up a special patrol force during Op Lancar, who will advise the officer manning the road block to relax the inspections if there are severe congestions.

Photo: Bernama/Facebook

Traffic jams are never pleasant, however we should all keep in mind that it is a necessary evil in our fight against the Covid-19 pandemic; the police officers are also just carrying out their duty in keeping us all safe.

Unless absolutely necessary, please, play your role by staying at home – at least until the end of MCO3.0 – and we’ll be able to get over this sooner. It’s easy to see through “lame excuses”, and you might even get fined for breaching the SOPs – so why risk it?

[Header Image: Bernama/Facebook]


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