Touch ‘n Go to begin RFID payment trials at five selected Shell stations

It is finally expanding. Since its introduction in late 2018, Touch ‘n Go’s (TNG) RFID sticker has been only limited to intercity highway toll payments.

Today, TNG has announced that they will be rolling out a TNG RFID Fuelling Pilot Programme, where selected RFID users will be able to purchase petrol using the infrastructure.

TNG has partnered with Shell Malaysia for this pilot programme. The five Shell stations that will be participating in the project are:

  • Shell Bandar Sri Menjalara
  • Shell Mint Hotel
  • Shell NKVE Damansara
  • Shell Taman Connaught
  • Shell Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Payment for fuel will be done through the RFID sticker (and TNG eWallet app) itself at the individual fuelling bay, hence completely zero physical contact with any personnel.

RFID users are randomly selected for this pilot programme, as such, check your inbox or spam folder of your e-mail if you are one of the lucky ones. TNG also said that only customers who have registered and participated in the programme will be entitled to receive a RM20 eWallet credit incentive.

Currently, only Petronas via the dedicated Setel app offers contactless, cashless and cardless payment of fuel. One major benefit of the Setel app is the integration of the Mesra loyalty card, where points are automatically added after every fuel purchase plus easier product redemption.

Caltex meanwhile has been reported to have kickstarted a payment system similar to Setel app called CaltexGo.


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